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Our life on earth is like a rose flower,

Blossoms in the morning and fades at night,

When shall the debt we owe death be cleared?

It keeps coming every now and then asking for the same old thing,

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beautybeauty t

It comes from the beginning looking good
How foolish it is to entice the eyes
Even when the eyes want to be an enemy
She wants to be a friend


At old age
She leaves her friend in pains
Call her a friend if you like
She will cause your flaw and fly
Prepare a road for her
Because only once she passes
She has caused the fall of many
Ask Samson if you like
She will be a mother of heroes
And the beauty will fade away like the sun

nature 3

Lets treat nature like human beings -I mean, lets show care for our environment, is a source of inspiration for a writer like ME.