She cries

I love Nigeria my country
Like a groom to the bride
She is so fragile like an egg
Only takes care to carry not an ego
The sound in her name rings a bell
Like the voice of a Nightingale
The melody behind her Anthem
In our mouths tastes like honey
Although she may have her flaws
Cast a stone if yours has not flawed
“As grace abounds upon sin”
So does our love grow when she falters
The taste in her breast milk
Once bred the bond amongst us
Upon division among different ethnicity
Forward some push to bring back our unity
Behold the mother nation weeping
As she watches her children fighting
Let those who fought the war before remember
That the pains it leaves hurt like ebola
The vehicle of peace let us board
And destination of oneness we must arrive
On my part I found myself on a mountain
To make sure that peace flows like fountain
Let this I say be your heart desire
All around the world we shall be admired

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