Liken the unschooled to the blind

Who knows not the direction he goes

In every wrong step he takes

His foolishness always shows



Worse is ignorance than virus

The latter takes its victims unawares

But the former blinds even the learned

Only requires meekness to be led


Daily she beckons her children come

For the road she shows has once taken

Upon her admonition astray go not we

For who knows the way better than a regular traveler?


Even in her lost of sight

Every pothole she has marked when she walks at night

Knowledge I tell you is power

One with it is always on a Tower


Oft it makes the possessor relevant

Even at old age she still gives your bones strength

It brings less attention to your age

Much emphasis is layed on your weight


There is no limit to what we can learn

In education better late than never

No knowledge I tell you is a waste

The nonsense you learn today might show the way tomorrow.

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