Nigeria's national football team head co

Our life on earth is like a rose flower,

Blossoms in the morning and fades at night,

When shall the debt we owe death be cleared?

It keeps coming every now and then asking for the same old thing,

Behold a friend today, no guarantee tomorrow.

The time he won this country the Trophy

We almost changed his name from Stephen Keshi to Eddie Murphy

Just like “Coming to America”

He had all his time spent in Africa

He was a grass-roots man to the core

We salute you my brother, esprit de corps

The lips of every Nigerian sing the song of his legendary deeds

In the hearts of the Togolese, the song lingers on

Although this man is gone, but he lives on

In the memory of the living the baskets of his deeds are stored

Death, shame on you for his Trophies are not in your custody

You took his life but his couching prowess we have for our study.

How I wish weeping could bring back the dead,

You wouldn’t be lying in the cold of the night.

But let our tears be to you a light,

In our memories we have made you a Knight,

So, good night and let the bereft take things light.

BY URCHWRITER                       


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